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 As the one of most experienced institutes for the application of autologous adult stem cells,

stem cells from yourself, for yourself, we are based in London, but operate with stem cell medical centers world wide. Our patients appreciate our professional integrity, and sophisticated state of the art technologies, patient care open communication that define our company. We are  determined to help our  patients wherever we can, so they can make their own  well informed decisions about their own health and life, That is why, GeroClinics is making the difference......Distinguished, dignified and noble

Clinical applications


Medical data collection is the crucial First step



For many neurological diseases like stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, but also MS, Parkinson, ALS, Alzheimer in advanced stadium, there is no adequate therapy available. Stem cell Therapy may offer a complimentary or alternative treatment fighting these diseases:  


                      " a new horizon for many patients..."                                    

Goal of the therapy is to restore motor function, sensory capacity,  decrease spasticity, enhance behaviour as well as autonomic function, depending on the specific disease. For this purpose the stem cells are applied by intravenous route and by lumbar puncture to apply the cells directly into the the central nervous system.


Orthopedic ailments and disabilities

     Autologous stem cells play nowadays an important role in the regeneration of bones and joints. Therefore rheumatoid arthritis, sport injuries, tendonitis and osteitis can very effectively be treated  with stem cells. The inflammation process can be stopped completely and cartilage tissue being built. this can be seen on MRI pictures. In many cases a hip or knee replacement can completely be avoided, or delayed by several years.



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Eye diseases

Degenerative eye diseases like macula degeneration, diabetic rhetinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa, but also damages of the optic nerve like Leber s disease can very well be treated with autologous stem cells. In this case the cells are injected through retrobulbar application, this means an injection behind the eye and not in the eye to prevent cell clumps in the eye. In the majority of our patients we observe a significant improvement in visual acuity.

  •  Aesthetic Applications for

  • Facial Rejuvenation icm MACS Facelift.

  • 2.Brazilian Butt Lift

  • 3.Composite Breast Augmentation.

  • Scalp HairGrowth Boost

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